How much does it cost to test for radon?

If you’re like many parents, you love to see your kids smile. Keeping them healthy is one of your main priorities. You probably already know how important it is to check for radon in the home. However, you may wonder “How much does it cost to test for radon?” or even, “Can I afford professional testing?”

How expensive is radon testing?

If someone tries to tell you that radon testing is expensive or other myths about radon, just ignore them. The benefits of performing radon testing far outweighs its costs! Follow link above to learn more about radon.

According to a survey performed mid 2020, nationwide, the average cost of a professional radon test is between $125-$275. Prices vary according to the type of testing device and method and size of property.

What should you consider when planning for a test?

*How large is the LOWEST level of your home? Plan 1 testing device for every 2,000sqft of ground level.

*How many foundations are there? Plan 1 testing device per foundation/ additions – basement, crawlspace, slab on grade. This rule applies to livable areas; therefore, no testing on garages or storage areas that are not used for living.

*How many Air conditioner units are there? Plan 1 test per unit. Tests should be placed in the lowest areas representing each unit.

There are several types of radon devices out there. Some can be bought at big box stores; others are only available for certified professionals. Without a doubt that both can be accurate devices, in consideration of the fact that the person deploying them for testing understands the limitations of each unit and how to set them up properly.

Contact our certified Radon Specialists team with questions or if you would like a quote on how much it will cost to get your home professionally tested.