Experience a Comprehensive Range of Residential and Commercial Inspection Services Tailored to Your Needs

At Smart Home Inspects, we're committed to safeguarding the integrity, safety, and value of your property. Our extensive portfolio of inspection services encompasses every facet of your property, offering you the knowledge required to make well-informed choices. From meticulous residential inspections to specialized commercial assessments, we're here to equip you with in-depth insights and the reassurance you seek. Explore our Residential and Commercial Inspection Services today to ensure a secure and confident property ownership journey.

Residential Inspections:

Whether you're a buyer or a homeowner, our residential inspections offer a thorough assessment of your property's condition, helping you uncover hidden issues and potential concerns.


Commercial Inspections:

For property owners, managers, and tenants, our commercial inspections dive deep into the intricate aspects of your commercial property, providing a comprehensive evaluation of its safety, functionality, and value.


Radon Testing:

Detect and address radon, a radioactive gas that poses a significant health risk. Our radon testing service ensures a safe living environment for you and your loved ones. It's important to note that radon testing is a required step for real estate transactions in Montgomery County, encompassing both resale and rental properties.

Sewer and Septic Inspections:

Our sewer and septic inspections focus on identifying crucial defects in these vital systems, safeguarding your investment and ensuring a hassle-free living experience.


Mold Assessment and Prevention:

Uncover potential mold issues and ensure a healthy indoor environment with our detailed mold assessment and prevention service, backed by industry standards and expertise.


New Construction Inspections:

From pre-drywall assessments to 11-month warranty inspections, our services are designed to guide you through the phases of new construction, ensuring a seamless transition to your dream home.


Water Quality Testing:

Safeguard your health and well-being by testing the quality of your well water, identifying contaminants and ensuring a safe water supply for you and your family.

Each of our services is tailored to meet your unique needs and is conducted by our experienced professionals, certified and approved to provide accurate and reliable information. With Smart Home Inspects, you're equipped with the knowledge to make confident property decisions, ensuring your investment's longevity and your peace of mind.

Other Services

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  • Renovation Inspections — during and after

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