New Construction Inspections

Welcome to our Comprehensive New Construction Inspections section, where we delve into essential phases of ensuring the quality and durability of your new property: the Pre-Drywall Inspection, the Delivery Inspection and the 11 Month Warranty Inspection. At Smart Home Inspects, we understand that the excitement of a new construction is coupled with the responsibility of ensuring its long-term integrity. Our specialized inspections are designed to provide you with valuable insights, proactive solutions, and peace of mind throughout your new home ownership journey.

In this section, we explore the critical importance of these inspections, dispel myths about new constructions, and highlight how our meticulous assessments can save you from potential headaches and costly repairs. Whether you're in the pre-construction phase or have recently moved into your new home, our services are tailored to align with your needs and timelines. Join us as we uncover the hidden challenges, precision details, and proactive planning involved in safeguarding your investment and ensuring lasting peace of mind.

"Our specialized inspections are designed to provide you with valuable insights, proactive solutions, and peace of mind throughout your new home ownership journey."

Daisy Rezende - owner

Pre-Drywall Inspection: Unveiling Hidden Challenges

The pre-drywall phase is a pivotal juncture for assessment. Often overlooked, this phase can harbor hidden problems that, if unaddressed, may escalate into significant issues post-construction. Our meticulous pre-drywall inspections are conducted by trained professionals who possess an eye for detail. For instance, imagine an undetected plumbing issue that, left unresolved, could lead to water damage and mold growth over time.

Dispelling the Myth: New Construction ≠ Problem-Free

The myth that new constructions are immune to problems is precisely that—a myth. Even new homes can harbor imperfections that might not be immediately apparent. Our inspections are a safeguard against this misconception, providing you with an accurate assessment of your investment's condition and potential issues.

Precision in Pre-Drywall Inspections: The Art of Detail

Pre-drywall inspections are more intricate than they seem. Our trained inspectors meticulously review each aspect, from electrical wiring to plumbing layout. Small oversights, if not caught early, can lead to significant complications later. For example, an unnoticed framing misalignment could result in structural weaknesses or uneven walls, affecting your home's integrity.


New Construction Inspection
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Delivery Inspection: Ensuring a Smooth Move-In

The delivery phase marks a significant milestone in your new home journey. Our Delivery Inspection is designed to ensure that your property is in optimal condition before you make it your own. We conduct a comprehensive evaluation of the property's systems, components, and finishes, verifying that everything is in line with your expectations and industry standards.

11 Month Warranty Inspection: Ensuring Lasting Peace of Mind

New construction buyers often assume that because their property is brand new, it's free from defects. However, even new homes can hide issues that may become apparent only after some time. Our 11 Month Warranty Inspection provides a proactive approach, ensuring you get the most out of your builder's warranty. This service is not only important but financially advantageous, as it can potentially save you from costly repairs down the road.

Proactive Planning: Engaging with Your Builder

When purchasing a new construction, contacting our office in the early stages of construction with your builder's information is a proactive step. This allows us to establish a relationship with the builder, aligning our inspection timelines with their major deadlines. We prepare the necessary paperwork to ensure a seamless inspection process, giving you peace of mind as you navigate the exciting journey of new home ownership.