There’s so much to worry about when buying a new house, and the costs can quickly mount as you look into potential problem after potential problem. It’s easy to feel like maybe you’d be better off passing on some of the elements of the home buying process to save a little money. As so few people know what radon is or the risks it poses, many new homeowners wonder if radon testing is really necessary when buying a home? The answer is a clear and unequivocal yes.

The Risks of Radon

Radon exposure carries an increased risk of developing lung cancer. Radon is a radioactive gas created through the decay of rocks and soil around your potential home. It is colorless, tasteless and gives off no odor making it unable to be detected without calibrated equipment. Getting your new home tested for radon as part of the inspection process ensures that you are not moving into a home with dangerous levels of the gas, and exposing yourself and your family to potential harm.