It’s good to take radon seriously. After all, you want everyone in your family to stay happy and healthy forever. However, sometimes well-meaning friends can go a little overboard. They may insist that you absolutely have to test your water for radon levels constantly. This is one of the big myths about radon. Actually, there’s often no need to take this step.

When Should You Test Water for Radon Levels?

The real priority is to check the air quality in your home. Radon testing kits can take care of this process quickly and easily. If you have reasons to suspect radon may be an issue, you can contact a pro to be sure. Only if the home’s air radon levels are beyond the recommended levels is it necessary to check the water.

How Can You Check Radon in Water?

An easy way to get information about public water quality is by contacting your local water supplier. These companies general perform radon monitoring. For well water, contact a professional for private water testing.