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    Pre-Purchase Home Inspection

    Maryland Home Inspection Services

    A pre-purchase home inspection is your tool to learn the real conditions of the home you are buying. It gives you the facts to address potential issues and builds the confidence to decide on this important deal. It reduces the risk of unexpected and costly surprises, may help you save thousands of dollars during renegotiation or avoid purchasing a “money pit”. As my celebrity colleague home inspector Mike Holmes puts it “Getting a Pre-Purchase Inspection is just smart.”

    Smart Home Inspects goes above and beyond the industry and now includes infrared inspections as part of our

    standard home inspection service. Infrared technology is a powerful noninvasive method to better evaluate the conditions of your home that are not possible to identify with the naked eye. Thermal imaging scans uses the variation of temperature on the surface of building materials to help identify and trace the source of an issue that could go undetected because it is not visible to an observer. We use sophisticated FLIR systems and cameras to obtain clean and clear thermal images and our inspectors are certified residential thermographers who have been through rigorous training to more efficiently use this cutting-edge technology and interpret the results. Smart Home Inspects is committed to providing our clients with the best service and infrared is now part of our standard inspection. We also offer a standalone infrared inspection for single item troubleshooting.

    Commercial Inspection

    Whether you are a building owner, property manager, leasing agent, lender or tenant, you can rely on Smart Home Inspects to provide an accurate assessment of your commercial building for optimal decision making.

    • Apartment building & multi-unit residences
    • Apartment building & multi-unit residences
    • Warehouses & light industrial inspections
    • Retail & office inspections
    • Special purpose facilities
    • Hotels
    • Lease inspections

    Pre-Listing Inspection

    Sometimes referred as Sellers Inspection, has become a best practice in real estate transactions. It is a win-win situation for all involved and it virtually eliminates many of the pitfalls and hassles associated with waiting for a buyer to find out issues that may affect the transaction. Sellers, agents, and buyers all benefit. It allows the seller to anticipate any objections directed toward property structure and system functions; it is a great aid as a pricing tool, allowing agents to take into consideration all the pluses and minus beyond the aesthetics of the home. Buyers are encouraged and more confident in placing an offer, and it certainly reduces the “change of mind” that buyer’s home inspections can create.

    Pool & Spa Inspection

    Maryland Home Inspection Services

    Repairs and upgrades to pool and spa can be costly. Learn more about your pool. We perform visual inspection on open and operating pool and spa, on its type and general conditions on visible and accessible parts, which includes: electrical supply, lights, heater equipment, filtration system, pumps, fences and gates, pool fill, filters, shell and body, decking, coping, drains, tiles, and accessories.

    New Construction Inspection

    It is reasonable to assume that just because a building passed local codes and ordinances it should be in good shape. Don’t be so sure! Rushed and limited inspections by local code enforcement agency may miss the opportunity to connect all the dots when the building is considered as a whole. Additionally, builders may make modification to a building after code inspections have already taken place. New-home buyers should capitalize on the fact that builders are still on site and willing to correct issues, final payment, and other factors are typically an extra incentive for contractors to be

    First Year Anniversary New Home Inspection

    New construction typically carries a one-year warranty provided by the builder. Before this warranty runs out, our inspector will inspect and provide you with a detailed report on issues and conditions that may have changed and aged during the building’s first year. As buildings age, systems and components that are functional may be already showing signs or premature wear due to inadequate installation or manufacturer’s defects. Protect your new home and investment before builder’s one year warranty expires.

    We also offer the following services

    • Pre-drywall Inspection
    • Builder’s warranty inspection
    • Walk-through inspection
    • Radon in Water Testing
    • Deck Inspection
    • Flip to Sale Inspection
    • Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspection
    • Mold Testing
    • Water Quality test
    • Termite Inspection
    • Septic Inspection
    • Water Well Inspection


    Making your move easy

    You can do all this yourself, or let your Porch Home Assistant do it for you!

    Research your new neighborhood

    • Find your nearest grocery store
    • Find a convenience store and coffee shop
    • Consider switching gyms
    Update your homeowner’s insurance
    • End or update your current plan
    • Purchase new insurance plan
    Contact utility companies
    • Stop service for your current unit
    • Start service for your new unit
    • Remember to set up electricity and gas
    Contact cable & security companies
    • Stop service at current unit
    • Start service for your new unit
    • Consider new security needs for new unit
    Register address change with USPS
    • Contact USPS to change your address
    • Select individual or family form
    • Select forward date
    Consider furniture and storage options
    • Buy new furniture if you’ll have more space
    • Consider storage if you are downsizing
    Schedule movers
    • Schedule and hire professional movers
    • Notify them of the time and addresses
    • Give them an estimate of how much stuff you have
    Pack and clean
    • Gather packing supplies, boxes, wrap, and tape
    • Label boxes on the side and keep an inventory
    • Clean your unit
    Contact your realtor
    • Pick up keys
    • Double-check move-in date

    Home Assistant Gold can help!

    Maryland Home Inspection Services

    Personalized, dedicated move-in expert

    • Talk or text with the same person every time
    • Get 24/7 support when you need it most
    • Schedule and arrange moving services on your behalf
    • Expert in coordinating moving services – moving companies, security systems,
      everything you need!

    Schedule work and quotes for your to-do list

    • Helps line up repairs from inspection report
    • Arranges key tasks so new home is ready for move-in
    • Get $100 off handyman services when you join

    Expertise in every move; cross town to cross country

    • Coordinate the utilities; cable, water, gas, sewer & electric – it’s different in every city
    • Makes sure the timelines work – home closing dates, moving company arrival and more


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