If your home has elevated levels of radon, it’s time for action, not anxiety. It is important to call an expert to resolve the problem as soon as you can. They will use various methods to reduce the radon levels in your house to make it healthy once again.

What is the Best Method?

Experts will ventilate your house, using a system that incorporates a large PVC pipe. The pipe will essentially draw out the radon from the soil and mix it with the fresh air from above. It is vented out of the basement up to the roofline or the eaves.

If you have a sump pump, they will drill a hole in your concrete floor slab or use your existing sump pit, placing a special in-line fan either in your attic or outside the house. The fans work to move the affected air out of your home through the hole.

It can be surprising to learn you have more radon than you expected in your home, but thankfully experts exist to help you overcome it.