If you’ve ever tackled a woodworking project with curves, you’ll know how difficult it is to get the curve just right. To achieve a perfect curve every time, try this homemade curve tracer.

You’ll need a ¼ inch thick piece of wood. It must have a straight grain with no knots for best results.

  • Drill a ¼ inch hole in one end of the wood strip.
  • Add a notch on the other end. Tie a piece of Mason’s string to the hole.
  • Bend the piece of wood to the curve you need.
  • Put knots at the end of the string where it needs to hold the curve.
  • Place the knot inside the notch to keep the wood bent.

Use the bowed piece of wood to trace the curve onto your project, giving you a perfect curve every time. When you’re finished, take the knotted end out of the notch to keep the wood flat for storage.