A tangled hose can create a whole host of problems: it can form kinks, invite mold, or you may just have a hard time pulling your hose out for regular use. You don’t want to waste time fighting your hose or spend money on a replacement. Keeping your hose tangle-free is the best solution for everyone.

The simplest way to keep your hose tangle-free is to invest in a hose rack—and use it every time you put the hose away. You can buy a cart, wall mount, or a decorative stand for your hose. If you feel up to it, you can also put in the time to build your own. Placing your hose rack in the shade can prevent sun damage to the hose.

Never leave your hose lying on the ground. It can encourage the growth of fungus which can cause the hose to rot. Never store the hose without closing the ends. Insects will make a home in the hose if they can.