Moisture that becomes trapped in an enclosed space or confined area is more likely to promote the growth of mold, while more light and air in your home can help prevent it.

  1. Ventilate Confined Spaces

For example, closets should be opened up once in a while to air out, and furniture should be moved away from the walls to limit mold growth. Circulate fresh air from an open window, if possible.

  1. Prevent Condensation in Your Basement

Mold likes to grow in dark, moist places, so basements can be a paradise for them. Be sure you have a sufficient drainage system and run a dehumidifier if necessary.

  1. Dry Off Occasional-Use and Seasonal Items Before Storing

Such items might include blankets, clothing, camping gear, lawn furniture, outdoor toys, or any item that you only use at certain times of the year and may be exposed to moisture.