You may have heard that radon can cause lung cancer. Thankfully, newer homes often have built-in features designed to limit radon exposure.

What Are Radon-Resistant Features?

Certain radon-resistant features can prevent radon from entering your home. When installed during the construction phase, they are a simple and inexpensive way to limit your radon exposure.

Many homes already include a layer of gravel under the slab (also called a gas-permeable layer) that is covered with a plastic sheet. While these features were designed to prevent moisture from entering the home, they can trap radon, as well. A junction box and a vent pipe can also provide additional protection.

Even Radon-Resistant Homes Should Get Tested

Even if you live in a radon-resistant home, you should still get the house tested for radon. If your house still has a radon level above 4 pCi/L, consider a vent fan to further protect yourself and your loved ones.