Do you have plenty of drawer space but find it difficult to keep everything organized? While you can purchase drawer organizers, these pre-made devices may not fit correctly in your drawers or may not have the right spacing for your drawers’ contents. Instead of spending money on ineffective organization tools, there’s a simple DIY fix for more organized drawer space.

First, empty the drawer you want to organize and then install foam weather stripping with adhesive to the inside of the drawer at the front and back. One strip should run along the base of the drawer and another should run about an inch below the top of the drawer. Next, cut a few pieces of quarter-inch plywood to the length of your drawer and press them into the weather stripping.

The foam strips will grip the plywood, keeping it in place without screws, nails, or adhesive. Now you can easily sort your drawers, and since the foam strips keep the plywood in place with pressure, you can simply rearrange the plywood as you see fit.