Nothing puts a damper on the excitement of owning your own home faster than learning a damp space has led to a mold problem. The best way to deal with mold in your home is to avoid its growth in the first place. By focusing on the most common sources of mold, you keep your home safe for you and your family.

Protection From the Ground Up

A basement is often the breeding ground for a mold infestation, so you should always stay on top of basement cleanliness. Basements are often the dampest room in the house due to their underground setting, so use a dehumidifier to keep the air dry and to combat mold. If your basement’s walls are naked, applying a waterproofer to your walls can protect your basement from moisture seepage and flooding, which foster mold.

Problematic Plumbing

The pipes carrying water around your home are the underappreciated heroes of any house, but sometimes things don’t always go as well as they should with your pipes. From a leaky pipe under the faucet to mildew growing in the folds of your shower curtain, your water outlets are prime candidates for mold growth. Keep your shower curtain spread out to reduce growth, and clean or replace it regularly. Always be listening for the sound of a drip or constantly running water to let you know you’ve got a leak, and deal with it immediately if one develops.

Look to the Skies

Another common problem area in homes is inside your walls and ceilings. When your roof springs a leak, or pipes leading to an upstairs tub or faucet begin to drop, it leads to water behind your walls. This can quickly develop into a real problem if not addressed quickly. Always conduct checks of the ceilings and walls beneath fixtures throughout the year. If you see discoloration or feel that the walls or ceiling have softened that’s a warning sign of a possible leak and a future mold problem.

Keeping your home mold free can feel overwhelming, but thankfully the best prevention tips all come back to the same core principle: A well-maintained and monitored home is a safe home. So as long as you are diligent in keeping an eye out for signs of trouble, you will greatly decrease your risk of mold. Staying on the lookout for warning signs keeps you and your family happy and healthy.